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Moving & Sentiment 2: Do homeowners still feel stuck? | Point Blog

Homeowners felt mortgage rates were likely to stay high for the near future. 3. Homeowners wanted to make renovations to their homes and were going to pay in cash for them.
Survey: 1 in 3 Homeowners Who Want To Move Say High Mortgage Rates Are Holding Them Back | Point Blog

Fears of rising mortgage rates have softened slightly in recent months, but high mortgage rates and home prices are still keeping many homeowners from moving, according to a study from. Point. , the leading home equity investment platform.
22% of homeowners feels “stuck” because of high mortgage rates | Point Blog

•. 4 min read. 22% of homeowners feels “stuck” because of high mortgage rates. Only 1 in 10 of homeowners who want to move in 2023 think they will, according to the Point Homeowner Sentiment & Moving Survey. Point Editorial Team. •. 4 min read.
Point homeowner sentiment and moving survey | Point Blog

Set against a backdrop of a potential recession, mortgage rates at 20-year highs, and news cycles dominated by layoffs, we found homeowners are pessimistic about their ability to move when they want and about the future of mortgage rates.
Real estate CEOs, economists & other experts predict a “less crazy” housing market in 2023 | Point Blog

- While there is no clear consensus about what will happen to mortgage rates and home sales in 2023, the real estate experts from organizations like the Mortgage Bankers Association, Zillow, Taylor Morrison, and others surveyed in Point’s 2023 Real Estate
U.S. homeowners have $29.3 trillion in home equity, yet almost 50% trying to access it can’t | Point Blog

However, the current economic climate has made these options less accessible and attractive as rates have increased, and lending standards have tightened.
The inaccessibility of home equity | Point Blog

When mortgage rates dipped below 3% years ago, cash-out refinances were common avenues for homeowners to access their equity.
70% of homeowners with an adjustable-rate mortgage regret it | Point Blog

Share on social: Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are a popular option for home buyers, as they typically offer lower interest rates during the introductory period than fixed-rate mortgages.
Point and Atalaya Capital Management Close Oversubscribed $141 Million Home Equity Investment Rated Securitization | Point Blog

The issuer, Point Securitization Trust 2024-1, issued approximately $98 million of senior class A-1 securities rated A (sf), approximately $29 million of class A-2 mezzanine securities rated BBB (low) (sf), and $14 million of subordinate securities rated BB
Point Fall 2022 Homeowner Survey | Point Blog

Though mortgage interest rates haven't been this high since 2002, half of the homeowners who considered a loan against their home in the past year are moving forward, according to new research from Point. Point Editorial Team. •. 4 min read.