Accessibility Statement

Point is committed to ensuring all company owned websites and domains (collectively, our “Sites”), is accessible to all people who visit our Sites, regardless of any disabilities or any assistive technology that may be used to access it. Point strives to continually enhance the user experience and usability for everyone, including implementing relevant accessibility guidelines.

Accessible Features

Here are some features we have integrated to make our Sites accessible:

  • Text alternatives for non-text content.
  • Unique and descriptive page titles for every webpage.
  • A set language of English.
  • Language changes for an entire page or within content are indicated.
  • Optimized for keyboard-only users.
  • Links use descriptive wording that make their purposes clear (e.g. does not use “click here”).
  • “Skip links” are provided for users with screen readers, allowing them to skip navigation and quickly get to the main content.
  • Color contrast ratios pass an accessibility audit.


If you encounter any accessibility issues on our Sites, please email us at and detail the issue and the specific web page. We appreciate your feedback.