Get up to $300k

with no monthly

Point is the first home finance product aligned with homeowners.
We do well when you do well.

Are you a homeowner?


Point is your home equity partner.

Have you ever wanted something better than a loan? That's Point. We don’t lend money.
We buy into your property as a partner.

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See what our customers are saying.

Point solved two problems—we got to stay in our home, and I got the debt relief that I was looking for.

Issaquah, WA

The banks required a lot more to qualify for their loans. Point came in and said, here’s an option for you.

Burbank, CA

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Point is different.

We pay you today for a share of your home’s future appreciation. There are no monthly payments; there is no interest rate; you can buy Point out or sell the home at any time; we can lose money if the home depreciates. We do well when you do well. Now, that’s quite revolutionary.

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Check If You Qualify

See if you qualify in less than 2 minutes. The application is free and we’ll check if you have enough equity to be eligible for Point.

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Compare With Debt Options

Compare Point’s competitive offer with traditional home loans. Choose what is best for you and your financial future.

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Your Partner In Wealth

We don’t choose customers — we choose partners. A team member will answer your questions and bring you on board.

Here’s what the press have been saying about us.

“If Point takes off, we could have a more liquid housing market, where risk and debt are spread around, rather than so concentrated.”

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