Get up to $500k from your home equity

No monthly payments
No income requirements
No need for perfect credit

Point BBB Rating
out of 5
out of 5
Point BBB Rating

See how Point has helped over 10,000 homeowners across the United States.

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The banks required a lot more to qualify for their loans. Point came in and said, here’s an option for you.


from Burbank, CA

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Point solved two problems—we got to stay in our home, and I got the debt relief that I was looking for.


from Issaquah, WA

Solutions for your financial goals

Point makes home wealth more valuable for everyone.

Whether you’ve owned your home for thirty years or are just starting your journey towards homeownership, we have a product that fits your unique needs.

If you own a home:

HEI Product

Home Equity Investment1

Get the cash you need – without the things you don’t. No income requirements, no monthly payments, and no need for perfect credit.
500+ Credit Score
No income requirements
No monthly payments

If you are buying a home:

Point SEED Product

SEED Down Payment Investment2

Become a homeowner with as little as 10% down – and no PMI.
Gain flexibility and save on your mortgage every month. Start building home equity wealth and experience the pride of ownership.
720+ credit score
No income requirements
No monthly payments

Why Point?

Point is your partner in home wealth. When you do well, we do well.

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We are your partner.
We don't choose customers — we choose partners. Whether you want to eliminate debt, pay for a large expense, or fund a dream – you choose your life’s direction. We want to help you do that by making your current or future home work for you.
Point Home
It's your home — keep it that way.
We are partners in your home’s value, not co-owners. It's your home and you retain full control. Point is not added to the title. You can sell your home, buy back your equity, or refinance any time that is convenient for you.
Point Check
You deserve your financial freedom.
You worked hard to be where you are. Whether you need to unlock your home equity wealth or enhance your down payment, we think you deserve to breathe a little easier or to dream a little bigger.
Point Lifesaver
Find what's right for you.
We understand life happens. Some financial situations feel impossible to overcome. The good news is that we can help. See which solution can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Point is helping homeowners and home buyers achieve their financial goals.

Point has a
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reviews on Trustpilot.
We had a very positive experience
"We had a very positive experience with Point. Everyone we dealt with was very helpful and professional. We would recommend this company to others."
Bravo to Outstanding Service
"Point provided me with outstanding service. I was amazed at how thorough and efficient they were until I went through their process. I highly recommend them."
Customer Service was Above and Beyond!
"We did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before deciding to go with point. The experience we had with Point was superior! The process was very smooth, with a lot of correspondence, and questions were answered quickly. They were very honest, upfront and there weren't any hidden fees or costs. I can't brag about Point enough!"
Very easy process from start to finish
"Very easy process from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff to work with. All my questions were answered in a timely manner with the process explained fully."
Expectations were set appropriately
"Expectations were set appropriately. Communications were professional and respectful. Someone was always available (during business hours) to respond via phone, email, or text. Great experience! Have already recommended to 3 people."
Point— a great company to do business with
“The Point process was excellent and the people working throughout the process were extremely professional and patient”
Ray & Brenda
I had a great experience with Point
“I had a great experience with Point, I would recommend [Point] to anyone. Thanks for making my day and making the process as seamless as possible”
Thank you, Point
“My experience with Point was a pleasure from start to finish. The product they offered fit my needs perfectly and was explained in detail where no questions were left unanswered.”

Point in the media

Our innovative products have been featured in top publications.

Business Insider
Point CEO, Eddie Lim made Business Insider's 100 people who are transforming business
Every year, Insider surfaces 100 leaders across 10 industries who are driving unprecedented change and innovation. Lim, the CEO and cofounder of Point, wants to make it easier for people to tap into that wealth. Lim’s company, which he founded alongside Eoin Matthews in 2015, offers homeowners lump sums of cash in exchange for a stake in their home.
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Point closes on $115M to give homeowners a way to cash out on equity in their homes
Historically, homeowners could only tap into the equity of their homes by taking out a home equity loan or refinancing. But a new category of startups have emerged in recent years to give homeowners more options to cash in on their homes in exchange for a share of the future value of their homes.
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