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29% of homeowners still considering HELOC or Refi despite historically high interest rates | Point Blog

While inflation continues to impact American households, Point's findings shed light on the financial needs of homeowners today as they battle ongoing economic uncertainty. Point Editorial Team. •. 2 min read. October 13, 2022. Blog. Point News.
Point Fall 2022 Homeowner Survey | Point Blog

While inflation continues to impact American households, these findings shed light on the financial needs of homeowners today as they battle rising interest rates and ongoing economic uncertainty.
Debt-free living: What it is and how to do it | Point Blog

Avoid lifestyle inflation. As your financial situation improves, you may be tempted to use your newfound cash flow to make expensive discretionary purchases. While small upgrades and splurges may be appropriate, avoiding lifestyle inflation is important.
What is the best way to avoid falling into debt? A guide | Point Blog

Avoid lifestyle inflation. You may think of debt as something that happens only when you’re at a financial disadvantage. However, you can fall into debt just as easily when making good money.
Financial planning for the short and long-term | Point Blog

Long-term goals are susceptible to various roadblocks that can hinder progress - such as market downturns, inflation, income fluctuations, and even loss of motivation.
Point Funds 10,000th Homeowner, Releasing More than $1B of Equity in the U.S. | Point Blog

“Economic factors such as high interest rates and rising inflation pushed homeowners to look for a way to make their home’s equity work for them in a new way. We were proud to be able to serve as many of them as we could.
U.S. homeowners have $29.3 trillion in home equity, yet almost 50% trying to access it can’t | Point Blog

“Americans are feeling financial stress in various ways right now: credit card debt is at all-time highs, savings rates have dipped, and inflation has dramatically increased the cost of living,” said Eddie Lim, co-founder and CEO of Point.
Point Survey: 70% of homeowners with an adjustable-rate mortgage regret it | Point Blog

“Homeowners are living in a very different economic environment than just a few years ago – high inflation has made everyday goods more expensive than ever," said Eddie Lim, co-founder, and CEO of Point.
Everything to know about investing in real estate for beginners | Point Blog

Inflation hedge. Historically, property values tend to rise, even during periods of rapid inflation. Hedge against market volatility.
HERO loans and alternative financing options | Point Blog

Inflation Reduction Act. (IRA) incentivizes American households to upgrade to clean energy equipment, reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution, and save money on energy bills.