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29% of homeowners still considering HELOC or Refi despite historically high interest rates | Point Blog

While inflation continues to impact American households, Point's findings shed light on the financial needs of homeowners today as they battle ongoing economic uncertainty. Point Editorial Team. •. 2 min read. October 13, 2022. Blog Home. Point News.
Point Fall 2022 Homeowner Survey | Point Blog

While inflation continues to impact American households, these findings shed light on the financial needs of homeowners today as they battle rising interest rates and ongoing economic uncertainty.
Point Funds 10,000th Homeowner, Releasing More than $1B of Equity in the U.S. | Point Blog

“Economic factors such as high interest rates and rising inflation pushed homeowners to look for a way to make their home’s equity work for them in a new way. We were proud to be able to serve as many of them as we could.
U.S. homeowners have $29.3 trillion in home equity, yet almost 50% trying to access it can’t | Point Blog

“Americans are feeling financial stress in various ways right now: credit card debt is at all-time highs, savings rates have dipped, and inflation has dramatically increased the cost of living,” said Eddie Lim, co-founder and CEO of Point.
Everything to know about investing in real estate for beginners | Point Blog

Inflation hedge. Historically, property values tend to rise, even during periods of rapid inflation. Hedge against market volatility.
Personal finance contributes to mental health struggles for 55% of adults | Point Blog

Interest rates are up, inflation is rising, and companies are cutting costs by laying workers off. Given all Americans are dealing with, it’s no surprise that personal finances are top of mind for them.
HELOC with bad credit: Utilizing home equity | Point Blog

Share on social: Rising interest rates and persistent inflation have made it difficult for many Americans to keep up with their expenses. As of June 1st, interest rates hovered around 7.08%. and. inflation was at 4.93%.
The inaccessibility of home equity | Point Blog

Total credit card debt. just passed $1 trillion. for the first time, savings rates are. down sharply from pandemic-era peaks. , and. prices across all categories are still at all-time highs. even as inflation slows.
Cash is king: Your guide to buying a house in cash | Point Blog

Real estate is one investment. that tends to outpace inflation over time. Unlike stocks and bonds, it's considered less risky and can provide short- and long-term wealth gain.
How much homeowners insurance do I need? | Point Blog

Inflation guard: Especially important if you plan to live in your home long-term, this rider automatically updates your dwelling coverage if your insurer doesn’t do this already.