How much does Point cost?

There are three times at which Point affects your finances.

1. When you choose Point

If you accept a Point offer, we deduct a processing fee of 3% and an escrow fee from the amount paid to you. For example, if you receive an offer of $100,000 from Point for 10% of your home and the escrow fee is $500, we will deduct a fee of $3,500 from the amount paid to you. You will receive $96,500. You will also cover the cost of an independent appraisal, which is typically between $500 and $700.

2. Monthly payments

You do not make any monthly payments to Point.

3. Final repayment

Point is paid when you i) sell your home, or ii) at the end of the term, or iii) during the term, when you choose to buy back. Regardless of the timing, there's no early buyback penalty. The amount paid to Point is tied to how your home's value changes. For example, if you originally received $100,000 (before fees) from Point for 10% of your home's value in exchange for 25% of the home's appreciation, and you sell that home for $1,200,000 within the term of your Point agreement, you will repay $150,000 to Point.

Use the calculator below to model out how much Point might cost you.

Use of funds
home price
ending price
When will you sell
or buy back
with Point
Point payout / repayment
Homeowner equity
5 years
from today
before Point
Point payment to you now
Point fees paid by you now
Home appreciation %
You keep at sale or buy back
You repay to Point
Point APR (inclusive of all fees)

Sample transaction with Point paying for 10% of today’s home value in exchange for 25% of the home's appreciation.
These rates may not be representative of the rates you are offered.

Assumes appraisal cost of $550 and an escrow fee of $500. The appraisal and escrow costs may vary depending on the size, complexity,
and location of the property. These costs are due to third parties. Point normally collects a processing fee of 3%.

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