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No income requirement
No need for perfect credit
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Point BBB Rating
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Point is the leader in Home Equity Investments1

We've funded more than 10,000 homeowners, and have over 1,000 five star reviews from happy homeowners.

I am almost completely debt free and no longer have any financial worries.
"My experience was unbelievable. This is the most professional company that I have ever worked with! They explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, timely, and exactly as represented."
I didn't know what to do...then came a letter from Point, to save the day.
"Everything went smoothly and on time. All of my outstanding bills are caught up and most are paid off including my car payment. My family and friends like me never heard of such an investment program. Thank you to everyone at Point.”
We absolutely feel more in control of our finances
"We have a handful of credit cards that have a zero balance now. We threw them in a drawer and don’t use them. The less stress and anxiety you have the easier it is to go about your everyday."
Point worked for me when no one else would
“My credit was low, and I needed money to get work done on my house. Point really helped me … I would recommend Point to anyone.”
Our credit score is almost 800 now
“It was an incredible opportunity Point gave us. Our credit score is almost 800 now. So far everything has been wonderful. We have no debt and are in a great financial situation.”
This experience was life changing!
“...Thank you again for this opportunity, which was life-changing. I can't tell you enough how it feels not to worry about the next month's bills and whether I need to get a job at 71 yrs old…”
I thought the entire process was excellent!
“I was guided through every step and received help when needed … I definitely needed help at times to provide needed documents. … I would recommend this product to my friends!”
The very best experience
“My experience was the best. The process was fast, easy and full of great customer service. Just like it says in their name, they were on “Point”!”
Bravo to Outstanding Service
"Point provided me with outstanding service. I was amazed at how thorough and efficient they were until I went through their process. I highly recommend them."
Have already recommended to 3 people
"Expectations were set appropriately. Communications were professional and respectful. Someone was always available (during business hours) to respond via phone, email, or text. Great experience! Have already recommended to 3 people."
Customer Service was above and beyond!
"We did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before deciding to go with point. The experience we had with Point was superior! The process was very smooth, with a lot of correspondence, and questions were answered quickly. They were very honest, upfront and there weren't any hidden fees or costs."
Awesome push through of funds at the buzzer
"James and His manager Megan seemed to understand my sense of urgency as I was using the money for an investment that had a deadline. James pushed it to closing stage for me and once Megan got involved in the closing it was closed money wired to Fidelity within 1 day, after I was told it could be another 3 days plus wire transfer time. I was close to saying forget it, Megan brought it home!"
Karli Pan
A loan that made sense for me
"Point were efficient, quick and upfront about all the expenses. After doing the math and looking at other options, Point's deal made the most sense for me."
We had a very positive experience
"We had a very positive experience with Point. Everyone we dealt with was very helpful and professional. We would recommend this company to others."
Very easy process from start to finish
"Very easy process from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff to work with. All my questions were answered in a timely manner with the process explained fully."
Point— a great company to do business with
“The Point process was excellent and the people working throughout the process were extremely professional and patient”
Ray & Brenda